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27.03.2020 14:29
Quarantine has been introduced on the territory of Vologda region.

The Emergency Headquarters for Infection Control in the Vologda region declared a quarantine in connection with suspected coronavirus infection in Cherepovets.

27.03.2020 09:04
New local government coronavirus guidelines: tell older people to stay home.

The Vologda Region Government on Thursday released a series of sweeping guidelines. During a Covid-19 outbreak in the community, they should stay home as much as possible. The elderly are most at risk from coronavirus.

26.03.2020 09:17
Number of restrictive measures to prevent coronavirus infection will be introduced in Vologda Region since March 28, 2020.

On March 25th Russian President declared next week to be an official non-work period while maintaining wages. The days off will last from Saturday March 28 to Sunday April 5. All public infrastructure facilities, including medical facilities, pharmacies, stores, institutions responsible for banking and financial settlements, as well as transport, and ministries and agencies at all levels, will continue working.

25.03.2020 14:08
Vologda’s Governor congratulates workers in the arts and culture on the professional holiday - the Day of Culture.

March 25, Russia celebrates the Day of workers of culture. The corresponding decree was signed in 2007 by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

25.03.2020 11:22
Two new kindergartens to be built in Vologda in summer

Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov inspected the construction sites. Two new preschool institutions are designed for 350 places all in all. The new 3-storey day care centres will become home for several groups of kids from eighteen months and six years of age. The new kindergartens will be accommodated with musical and sports halls, sports grounds, and a swimming pool.

24.03.2020 16:02
Representatives of World Health Organization noted the success of the Russian Federation in preventing coronavirus.

Taking into account the adverse epidemiological situation, a meeting of the Russian National Network Association of Healthy Cities, Regions and Settlements was held via a video conference in Vologda.

23.03.2020 08:43
Oleg Kuvshinnikov: “Self-isolation is not a right, but a duty of citizens of the Russian Federation”.

The decision concerning strict control over self-isolation of Russians and foreigners who arrived from abroad was taken at the meeting of the local government.

20.03.2020 12:32
Vologda Region Governor briefed Alexander Gutsan, Plenipotentiary Presidential Representative in Russia’s North West on facilities of the region for trouble-free passage of spring high water.

Plenipotentiary Presidential Representative in Russia’s North West and local government authorities discussed readiness of the Vologda Region for reliable and accident-free passage of snowmelt floods and flood waters.

20.03.2020 09:30
Vologda Oblast is stepping up cooperation with Belarus.

Prospects for further cooperation between the Vologda Region and the Republic of Belarus were discussed at the 16th meeting of the joint Commission for the development of cooperation between the Vologda Region Government and the Government of the Republic of Belarus via video conference. The parties discussed the results of trade and economic cooperation, and their future prospects.

18.03.2020 14:28
On March 17 Vologda Region Governor Mr. Kuvshinnikov presented Vologda’s residents with state awards.

Russian state decorations were awarded in Vologda on March 17. The award ceremony was held in the governor’s mansion.

18.03.2020 10:38
Governor’s announcement:  as of Wednesday morning, public schools are closed for children across the Vologda Region.

From March 18 to April 1 schools of the Vologda Region are closed aiming to reduce coronavirus transmission. Extra-curricular activities are suspended, colleges and technical schools are switched to distance learning. It is forbidden to hold mass events with more than 50 participants and any cultural and sports events, regardless of the number of participants. All public meetings are prohibited.

17.03.2020 09:57
Meeting on measures to counter the spread of coronavirus in Vologda Region

On March 16th Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov held a meeting on measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus on the territory of the Vologda Region.