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11.08.2020 10:20
Segezha Group has launched dry lignosulphonate production line at Sokolsky PPM in Vologda Region.

Segezha Group, a forest industry enterprise, has launched a new industrial facility at Sokolsky woodworking plant in the Vologda Region - the drier installation for production of dry lignosulphonate.

07.08.2020 11:44
Russia's government to subsidize tourists on domestic vacations - cashback for buying tours to Vologda Region

Under the new Federal Tourism Agency incentive program, travelers will be able to receive cashback for tours to certain regions of Russia in 2020. The tour must include accommodation in classified hotels for at least five nights and a cost for the entire period of at least 25 thousand rubles.

06.08.2020 14:48
High-tech dairy farming: a new robotic farm will open in Vologda Region.

Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov visited a construction site of a new dairy farm in the settlement of Vasiliyevskoye, Vologda District.

06.08.2020 11:11
On August 7-9 Totma, Vologda Region will celebrate a traditional Russian America Day.

This weekend, Totma, located in the eastern part of the Vologda Oblast will celebrate a traditional Russian America Day. The major events of the celebration will be dedicated to the key moments of the Russian-American history of Totma lands.

05.08.2020 14:21
A new fertility clinic will open in Vologda by the end of 2020.

Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov inspected a construction site of a new fertility clinic in the Region. The construction started last year. The Vologda Region received finances from the federal budget for the development of the health care system within the framework of the national project “Healthcare”.

05.08.2020 11:37
Sixty-nine constituent entities of the Russian Federation will receive financial assistance from Russian Government, Vologda Oblast among them.

Vologda Region will get additional financial assistance from the Federal budget in the amount of RUR 1434. 8 mln for support of socially oriented projects and priorities. The corresponding order of the Government of the Russian Federation was signed by Prime Minister of Russia.

04.08.2020 15:19
Exhibition of European fans opened in Vologda Lace Museum.

The exhibition of fans features works from France, England, Germany and Holland. The collection of 18th and 20th-century European fans is extensive. This exhibition displays totally unique pieces that were created by well-known artists and painters in the famous European workshops.