Department of International, Interregional Ties and Tourism

Program of cooperation between Vologda Oblast Government (Russia) and Presov Government (Slovak Republic) for 2010 - 2012


Program highlight Date/ period
1. Visits of official delegations of the Vologda Oblast Government and Prešov Government 2010-2012
2. Visits of entrepreneurs within the framework of cooperation treaty between the Vologda and Prešov Chambers of Commerce and Industry 2010-2012
3. Participation of Prešov's companies and enterprises in an international exhibition-fair "Russian Wood", Vologda December, annually
4. Participation of Prešov's companies and enterprises in an international exhibition-fair "Russian Flax", Vologda March, annually
5. Participation of Prešov's tourist agencies in "Gates to the North", an inter-regional event, show and exhibition for the tourism, Vologda April, annually
6. Participation of Vologda's enterprises in an international exhibition-fair for machine building, Nitra May, annually
7. Participation of Vologda's companies and firms in an international exhibition-fair for agribusiness "Agrocomplex", Nitra September, annually
8. Participation of Vologda's companies in an international electrotechnical and electric-power exhibition-fair "ELO SYS", Trenčín October, annually
9. Collaboration in the sphere of tourism: historical tourism, cooperation within the project "Veliky Ustyug - Homeland of Father Frost".
Traditional pre-New Year tour of Father Frost thouhgout Europe, participation in festive performances in Prešov and Bratislava
10. Study-tour of Vologda's tour operators to Prešov 2011
11. Prešov's participation in VII international competition of folk musical instruments players "Cup of the North", Cherepovets 2010
12. Participation of experts from the Slovak Republic in an opening of a lace museum in Vologda and an international lace festival 2010 - 2011
13. Share of information and best practices, defining guidelines for further cooperation in projects within the programs of EU international collaboration 2010-2012
14. Patriotic work (including upkeep of a memorial complex of the Unknown Russian soldier in Svidník) 2010-2012
15. Participation of Vologda's and Prešov's representatives in events devoted to triumphant campaigns and victory in World War II.
Cooperation in military history
16. Setting up partnership ties between military history museums aiming to put together collections for joint expositions (a historical museum in Svidník and Vologda State museum-preserve) 2010-2012
17. Assistance in establishing direct business links (presentations of investment projects, meetings of Vologda's and Prešov's entrepreneurs, coverage of cooperation related issues in mass media and official web-sites) 2010-2012

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