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Expert RA: Vologda Oblast in Top Ten Russian Regions Magnetic for Investors


December 29, 2005

The EXPERT rating agency released a survey indicating investment attractiveness of the Vologda Region.

Over the last ten years the Vologda Oblast was a region with the low investment potential and the lower investment risks. The oblast's finish represents a 3B1 rating.

Data gathered by the Expert researchers indicates that the region is experiencing robust economic growth which is due to a highly-developed industrial and processing sector in the oblast. The Vologda region has always been magnetic for tourists.

The Vologda Oblast is stepping up its stand on the investment market. Six years ago the region was among the Russian regions with an average index of investment risks. Now it competes on equal terms with such regions as Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod and Rostov Oblasts, republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan.

However, backing of innovation activity, diversification of the economy, and decrease in criminal and ecological risks remain the most urgent issues for the Vologda Oblast.

Steps aiming to tackle these problems will allow the Vologda Oblast to preserve the quality and stability of the investment climate and maintain its position in the top ten Russian regions that are magnetic for investments.


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