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Vologda authorities order all restaurants, bars and other establishments to close from midnight to 8 a.m. every day starting Oct. 29.

The top leadership of the Vologda Region has reinstated a nationwide mask mandate starting October 28 and has recommended that restaurants and bars close between midnight and 8 a.m. leaving only food delivery or takeout.

Sberbank and Vologda Region sign a cooperation agreement.

On October 27th Sberbank and the Government of the Vologda Region signed a cooperation agreement. The document was signed by the head of Vologda branch of Sberbank Sergei Nechaev and Governor of the Vologda Region Oleg Kuvshinnikov.

Large-scale repair campaign: 111 educational organizations have been renovated in Vologda Region this year.

At the initiative of Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov in 2020, it was planned to renovate and repair 111 aging educational facilities - schools, kindergartens and colleges.

Vologda Region Governor Mr.Kuvshinnikov paid a visit to the District of Chagoda.

On October 21st Vologda Oblast Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov paid a working visit to the District of Chagoda as part of a series of visits throughout the Vologda Oblast examining economic and social development of regions.

A long-term development strategy of the residence of Ded Moroz has been approved in the Vologda Region.

The marketing and investment strategy for the development of the regional project "Veliky Ustyug - Hometown of Ded Moroz", which will run until 2025, was approved by Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov. The Vologda Region's main fairytale brand will become a tourism cluster of the federal level.

All social service centers of the region are provided with special vehicles for people with limited mobility.

Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov handed over the keys of several new vehicles to districts of the Vologda Region.

Medal for Good Heart: Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov presented Vologda's volunteers with presidential awards.

On behalf of the President of the Russian Federation, the Governor of the Vologda Region presented the first twelve volunteers with medals for their selfless contribution to the organisation of the All-Russian action of mutual assistance “#МыВместе” (“we are together”). A total of 193 Vologda’s citizens will receive this award approved by the President.

New local government coronavirus guidelines: school holidays and business support measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

School holidays and new business support measures became the main topics of of a meeting the Emergency Headquarters for Infection Control in the region.

Direct Line with Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov

On October 14th Oleg Kuvshinnikov held a direct communication session during which he responded to questions from citizens of the Vologda Region.

Two modern schools and two polyclinics will be built soon in Vologda Region.

At a personal meeting, Oleg Kuvshinnikov, Governor of Vologda Oblast, asked Senator Elena Avdeeva for assistance in promoting at the federal level such important projects for the region. The idea of building the two new polyclinics was supported by the President of the country earlier this year during his visit to Cherepovets. Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov asked Vladimir Putin to help with the initiative. New polyclinics are to be built in Vologda and Cherepovets in the coming years.

Today, on October 14th Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov will hold a direct line.

Oleg Kuvshinnikov will hold a direct communication session during which he will respond to questions from citizens of the Vologda Region.

Two remote-controlled digital power substations will be launched in Vologda Region at the end of the year.

Rosseti built two digital substations (35 kV,) on the territory of the Vologda Region. One digital substation was set up in the settlement of Molochnoye (Vologda District), the other one - in Babaevo.

On October 8th Governor of Vologda Region Oleg Kuvshinnikov visited the District of Kadui.

The District of Kadui is situated in the south-west of the Vologda Region. It has a very advantageous location, as it is situated at the intersection of highways and railroads.

Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov is waiting for acute video calls from students.

On October 14th Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov will hold a direct line.

New local government coronavirus guidelines: together we can try to minimize the impact of the Covid-19.

The Vologda Region Government on Monday released a series of sweeping guidelines. During a Covid-19 outbreak in the community, elderly people should stay home as much as possible. The elderly are most at risk from coronavirus.

Dear teachers and educators, my sincere congratulations on Teachers' Day!

This is a special day for the appreciation of teachers that is observed in Russia on October 5.

Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov visited Vologda industrial and technical college and congratulated students and educators on 80th anniversary of Russian professional education.

Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov visited the Vologda industrial and technical college where he presented awards to those who distinguished themselves and congratulated teachers, students and graduates of schools, technical schools and colleges on the upcoming holiday.

Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov is participating remotely in the 7th Forum of Russian and Belarusian Regions.

The Forum is taking place in Moscow and Minsk. The Forum of Russian and Belarusian Regions is a modern platform for constructive dialogue between Russia and Belarus that is necessary for the successful implementation of industrial policy.

Nestlé has announced an investment of 3.5 billion rubles to build a full-cycle plant for the production of baby formula in Vologda City.

Nestlé Russia invests 3,5 billion rubles in construction factories of a full cycle for production of children's dry mixes in Vologda. Top leadership of Nestlé and Government of the Vologda Region signed an agreement on cooperation on September 17th.

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