Administrative division

309 settlements

Geographical location

The District of Vozhega is located in the north of the Vologda Region.

Border regions: the Arkhangelsk Region, the districts of Kirillov, Verkhovazh’ye, Syamzha, Ust’-Kubenskoye, Kharovsk within the Vologda Oblast

Geographical conditions are associated with a high degree of forest cover (78 % of its total land covered by forests, both coniferous and deciduous). Nearly all local households preserve cranberry, red bilberry, blueberry and mushrooms.

Flora and fauna: elks, brown bears, hares, martens, badgers, wolves, foxes,   partridges, black grouses, hazel grouses.

The area is very rich in various species of fish as well - bream, pike, perch, burbot, rock-fish


Distance from Vologda - 170 km

Highways: Vozhega-Vologda, Sokol-Kharovsk-Vozhega

Railways: Vozhega, Kadnikovsky


Main branches of industry: dairy and meat production, poultry production, pig-breeding, bee-keeping and trout farming.


The District of Vozhega stands out for its folk traditions and local craftsmen, who practise techniques pioneered by their fathers and grandfathers before them. Historically, the region is known for birch bark, basket weaving, blacksmithing, weaving, and manufacture of wood products.

Attractions and tourism

Protected areas: three natural reserves, two landscape reserves and a botanical garden


  • Vozhega local lore museum
  • Centre of traditional cuture
  • Church of Ilya the Prophet
  • Church of Peter and Paul, and the Kazan Mother of God
  • churches and mansions.


The history of the Vozhega District is connected with Lake Vozhe. The area of the lake is 416 square kilometres, and the area of its basin is 6,260 square kilometres (2,420 sq mi). Historically, Lake Vozhe was on the trading route connecting the basings of the Volga and the Onega via the Sheksna River.

The area was sparsely populated until the end of 19th century, since it was far from all trade routes connecting Northern Russia with the White Sea. Vozhega was founded in 1895 as a railway station. It was included in Kadnikovsky Uyezd of Vologda Governorate. By 1929, the population of Vozhega, then the settlement at the railway station, was around 800.

In 1929 the District of Vozhega was established among others, with the administrative centre in the settlement at the Vozhega railway station.

Administrative centre: settlement of Vozhega
Administration: ul. Sadovaya 15, 162160 Vozhega, Vologda Oblast, Russia
Head of the district: Sergei Semennikov. Tel - (881744) 2-21-86, E-mail:
Head of the administration: Yevgeny Pervov. Tel: (881744)21984. 
Population: 15218
Square: 5,5 ths km2