Administrative division

434 settlements

Geographical location

The District of Veliky Ustyug is situated in the north - east of the Vologda Oblast. It borders on Arkhangelsk Region and Kirov Region.

Rivers: the Northern Dvina, the Sukhona, the Yug.

Veliky Ustyug, an administrative centre of the district is located 457 km from the city of Vologda at the confluence of two large rivers the Sukhona and the Yug which merge into a third - the Northern Dvina.


Transportation: a railway station (branch Konosha-Vorkuta), an airport, a pier

Distance: 450 km away from Vologda, 600 km from Cherepovets, 700 km from Arkhangelsk


There are 15 enterprises of different organizational forms on the territory of the district. In the branch structure, timber, wood-working, food industries, power engineering, production of construction materials and niello adornments take a dominating position.

Main enterprises:

  • Veliky Ustyug alcoholic beverage company
  • Plywood company NOVATOR (veneer and plywood production)
  • Novatorsky forestry (timber felling and processing, souvenirs)
  • Brush-producing factory (paint-brushes, brushes made of natural and artificial fibre)
  • Company SEVERNAYA CHERN (niello, jewellery)
  • PCHYOLKA (baking of bread, processing of livestock products)
  • AO USTYUGMOLOKO (dairy products)
  • AO UST’YELYON (natural linen cloth)
  • Wood processing enterprises

Here, the products of wood-working enterprises are manufactured for export and domestic market.

Attractions and tourism

The district of Veliky Ustyug is a picturesque and original land at the confluence of two large rivers the Sukhona and the Yug which merge into a third - the Northern Dvina. Blue water expanses, green fields and coppices, pine and mixed forests create good conditions for tourism and rest. Since 1998 the project Veliky Ustyug - Hometown of Russian Father Frost has been implemented in the district. The residence of Father Frost is situated 15 km off the town of Veliky Ustyug in a pine forest. It consists not only of the stately home of Father Frost, but also of comfortable timbered cottages, a restaurant, a recreation centre with a sauna, a swimming pool, a billiard room and a zoo.

At the moment, more than two dozen kinds of animals and birds are at the zoo, and to the delight of children, the zoo announced plans to build a special area where children can mingle with the animals, pet them and ride on ponies, reindeer and dog sleds.

In developing of inter-regional ties the main emphasis is placed on fair activity. Every year several fairs and festivals are held in Veliky Ustyug.

The Disctict of Veliky Ustyug boasts 22 natural monuments and reserves that are a magnet for tourists and visitors of the district.


Veliky Ustyug was founded in 1147. The network of navigable rivers connecting Ustyug with Kholmogory, Arkhangelsk and Pomoriye (along the Dvina), with Vologda, Yaroslavl and Moscow (along the Sukhona), with Vetluga, Vyatka and Kazan (along the Yug and the Luza), with Mezen and Pechora (along the Vychegda) was a major transportation route in the north of Russia in the 16th century. It is not by chance that the old coat of arms of Ustyug did justice to Aquarius, the master and patron of the town. Breaking away from the jugs the strained streams merge into a torrent. The streams symbolize the Sukhona and the Yug, and the torrent - the Northern Dvina. In the 17th century the town was awarded the status of "Veliky" (Great) for its special services in boosting trade. Stone building was quite characteristic of that era. Early in the 20th century divine sevices were held in 27 churches and 4 monasteries.

Since 1708 Veliky Ustyug belonged to the Arkhangelsk gubernia and had the status of a provincial town. In 1780 the town went to Vologda again with the status of a regional town.

Such outstanding explorers and navigators as Semyon Dezhnyov, Erophei Khabarov, Mikhail Buldakov and Vasily Shilov glorified Veliky Ustyug. The residents of the city are remembered for Siberia exploration and exploration of the islands in the Pacific Ocean. They were the first ones to discover new lands in Russian America and to circumnavigate the world.

Administrative centre: Veliky Ustyug
Administration: Sovetski Prospekt 103, 162390 Veliky Ustyug, Vologda Oblast, Russia
Head of the district: Alexander Kuzmin. Tel: (8-817-38)2-13-34. Fax: (8-817-38)2-13-34. E-mail:
Head of the administration: Sergei Kotov. Tel: (8-817-38) 2-15-15
Population: 56800
Square: 7720 km2