Administrative division

210 settlements

Geographical location: the north-western part of the Vologda Oblast, it is washed by White Lake

Border regions: the Kirillov, Belozersk, Vytegra districts within the Vologda Oblast

Protected areas: a natural reserve, karstic lakes that disappear from time to time


Nearest railway station: in Cherepovets, 159 km

Distance from Vologda: 172 km

A federal highway А119 Vologda — Medvezhyegorsk passes through the district.

In summertime the district is connected with Russian and foreign ports via the Volgo-Baltic waterway (it is used for shipment of wood-working articles).


Timber and wood-working industries take a dominating position. Wood-working articles are delivered to Scandinavian countries, Republic of Karelia and Leningrad Oblast.

Agriculture is also a clear dominant in the district's economy. By virtue of natural conditions and economic factors, cattle-breeding and dairy-farming are clearly expressed specializations of the district.

Fishing industry is also highly developed in the District of Vashki.

Attractions and tourism

Places of interest: Assumption Church (18th century), Church of Exaltation of the Cross (19th century), Church of Alexander Nevsky (19th century), sites of ancient settlement

The area will be interesting for lovers of hunting and fishing.

Woods contain an abundance of wilderness, wildlife and spectacular beauty. Wood grouses, black grouses, ducks, geese, grouses, woodcocks, partridges, hares, squirrels, martens, minks, beavers, foxes and wolves can be found there. The rivers and lakes abound with numerous species of fish. You'll fish pike, grayling and trout there.


No account of the history Vashki District would be complete without mentioning Beloozero that was first mentioned in history annals in 862. The ancient town of Beloozero was situated on the northern bank of White Lake, in present-day Vashki District. The Beloozero laid on active trade routes to the White Sea which contributed to the rapid development of the district.

The District of Vashki was established on August 1st, 1927. In June 1938 Lipin Bor became the administrative centre of the district.

Administrative centre: Lipin Bor
Administration: ul. Smirnova 10, 161250 Lipin Bor, Vologda Oblast, Russia
Head of the district: Alexander Ivanov. Tel: (81758)2-14-33. E-mail:
Head of the administration: Alexei Pavlov.
Population: 7202
Square: 2884 km2