Administrative division

278 settlements

Geographical location

Border regions: districts of Kharovsk, Vozhega, Vologda, Sokol and Kirillov within the Vologda Region

Distance from Vologda: 70 km

Ust’ye, also is located on the banks of the Kubena River close to its confluence with Lake Kubenskoye.


Ust’ye is connected by a road with Sokol. There are also local roads in the district, with regular bus traffic.

Railway station: Sukhona, 37 km off Ust'ye


Main branches of industry: timber, cattle breeding, seed-farming and forage growing

Attractions and tourism

Ust’ye contains five cultural heritage monuments of federal significance (the ensemble of churches known as Voskresensky Pogost) and additionally twenty-nine objects classified as cultural and historical heritage of local significance. The ruins of Spaso-Kamenny monastery (16-19th centuries), one of the first stone monasteries built in Russia's North on Kamenny Island are also protected as a federal monument.

Ust’ye hosts the Ust-Kubinsky District Museum of History and Ethnography.

Since 2001 it has become customary to hold a boat festival in Ust’ye. The main goal of the festival is to engage and educate people of all generations in traditional and contemporary maritime life, in a spirit of adventure and discovery. The traditional Boat Festival offers special activities and events for kids and families.


The settlement of Ust’ye is known since 1570. Due to the location on one of the trading routes connecting the basins of the Northern Dvina and the Volga, and in the mouth of the Kubena, Ust’ye became a prosperous settlement. It was also a gateway for the pilgrims heading to Spaso-Kamenny Monastery.

On January 14, 1929 Ust’-Kubinsky District with the administrative center of Ust’ye was established. In 1932, Ustye became an urban-type settlement. In 2004 the status was revoked, and it became a settlement again.

Administrative centre: settlement of Ust’ye
Administration:ul.Sovetskaya 11, 161140 Ust'ye, Vologda Oblast, Russia
Head of the district: Ivan Bykov. Tel: (881753) 21729, 21486. E-mail:
Head of the administration: Alexander Semichev. Tel: (8-817-53) 2-14-86.
Population: 7875
Square: 2443, 94 km2