Administrative division

6 settlements

Geographical location

The District of Tarnoga is situated in the north-eastern part of the Vologda Oblast.

Tarnogsky Gorodok, the administrative centre, is located on the left bank of the Kokshenga River, at its confluence with the Tarnoga River.

Border regions: districts of Nyuksenitsa, Verkhovazh’ye, Tot’ma within the Vologda Region, and the Arkhangelsk Oblast

Inland waters: 68 rivers that are used for water supply, fishing and tourism, 9 lakes. Baklanovskoye Lake, which is the most picturesque one, is 340 m long with a maximum width of 250 m and a maximum depth of 33 m.


The District of Tarnoga is located far from the rail network and navigable rivers.

Distance from Vologda: 340 km

Railway station: 88 km off Tarnogsky Gorodok, Kostylevo (Arkhangelsk Oblast)


Main branches of industry: timber, cattle breeding and forage growing

Attractions and tourism

There is a monument of archeology in the District of Tarnoga - the Tiunovsky Sunctuary (14th- 15th centuries) located in Shebengsky settlement. The sanctuary is a complex of two big stones with petroglyphs on one of them.

Tarnogsky Gorodok hosts the Museum of Traditional Folk Culture. It includes different halls and departments: a hall of traditional folk culture and nature and a historical memorial department.

Beekeeping occupies a special place in the district’s economy as one of its oldest traditional crafts. Every year the tourists enjoy the festival devoted to the honey feast. Tarnoga’s honey is a local brand. It is a product of protected geographical indication, ensuring the highest quality of honey. It comes from the environment in which we live and its beekeepers ensure that the honey has truly come from this location.


Tarnogsky Gorodok was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1453. The area produced crops, and the Kokshenga and the Vaga were used to transport bread to Arkhangelsk.

On January 25, 1935 Tarnogsky District with the administrative centre in Tarnogsky Gorodok was established.

Administrative centre: settlement of Tarnogsky Gorodok
Administration:ul.Sovetskaya 30, 161560 Tarnogsky Gorodok, Vologda Oblast, Russia
Head of administration: Sergei Gusev. 
Head of the district: Alexander Ezhev. Tel: (881748)2-19-68,.  E-mail:
Population: 11200
Square: 5100 km2