Administrative division

168 settlements

Geographical location

Distance from Vologda: 121 km

Border regions: the districts of Vozhega, Verkhovazh’ye, Tot’ma, Sokol and Kharovsk within the Vologda Oblast.

Inland waters: the Kubena, the Syamzhena, the Verdenga Rivers and Lake Shichengskoye


Transportation routes: nearest railway station in Kharovskaya (51 km off Syamzha), highway Moscow-Arkhangelsk


Main branches of industry: timber harvesting, wood processing and wood construction. Logging companies make the most tangible contribution to the district’s economy.

A local bakery now produces an inspired selection of different types of white bread and darker varieties (60 all in all), made with a range of different flours.

The number of individual entrepreneurs per one thousand of inhabitants of the district ranks third in the Vologda Region. Sectoral distribution of small enterprises in Vologda is characteristic of the Vologda Region as a whole. Main field of action is timber complex.

Attractions and tourism

The District of Syamzha boasts a museum of local lore (it displays archaeological, ethnographic, and local interest collections), a cultural centre, an art school and a library.


On July 15, 1929, Syamzhensky District with the center in the village of Yarygino was established and became a part of Vologda Okrug of Northern Krai. On August 5, 1931, the district was abolished, and on January 25, 1935 it was reestablished. The district center was established in the village of Dyakovskaya. In the same year, the selo of Syamzha was established. In 1953 Syamzha became a district centre.

Administrative centre: settlement of Syamzha
Administration: ul.Rumyantseva 20, 162220 Syamzha, Vologda Oblast, Russia
Head the district: Sergei Lashkov. Tel: (8-817-52)2-13-00.
Head of the administration: Nikolai Ivanov. Tel: (881752)2-12-30
Population: 8293
Square: 3900 km2