Administrative division

357 settlements

Geographical location

The district is situated in the east of the Vologda Region. It is located on the left bank of the Yug River, at its confluence with the Kichmenga River.

Forests occupy much of the district's territory and contain an abundance of wilderness, wildlife and spectacular beauty.

Border regions: the Kosrtoma and Kirov Regions, the districts of Veliky Ustyug, Nyuksenitsa, Nikolsk and Babushkino within the Vologda Oblast

Inland waters: The Yug River, the Kichmenga River


Highway Р157 Uren–Sharya – Nikolsk - Kotlas passes through the district.


In the branch structure, food industry and agriculture take a dominating position.

Attractions and tourism

Places of interest: site of ancient settlement (15th century), remains of an earthen mound, Church of the Transfiguration of our Lord, a museum of local lore


Kichmengsky Gorodok is first mentioned in chronicles in 1468. At that time, the fortress of Kichmengsky Gorodok was dependent on Veliky Ustyug, and Tatars took it and set it to fire, together with all its population.

In the course of the administrative reform carried out in 1708 by Peter the Great the area was included into Archangelgorod Governorate. From 1719, Kichmengsky Gorodok was in Ustyug Province, one of the four provinces of Archangelgorod Governorate. In 1780, the governorate was abolished, and transformed into Vologda Viceroyalty. The latter was abolished in 1796, and Kichmengsky Gorodok became the center of Kichmengskaya Volost of Nikolsky Uyezd of Vologda Governorate. In 1918, the area was transferred to the newly established Northern Dvina Governorate with the administrative center located in Veliky Ustyug. On June 10, 1924 Kichmengsko-Gorodetsky District was established, with the administrative centre in Kichmengsky Gorodok.

Administrative centre: settlement of Kichmengsky Gorodok
Administration: ul. Tsentralnaya 7, 161400 Kichmengsky Gorodok, Vologda Oblast, Russia
Head: Lyubov Dyakova. Tel: (881740)21246. E-mail:
Head of administration: Sergei Ordin. Tel: (8-817-40) 2-13-39.
Population: 16616
Square: 7061 km2