Administrative division

5 settlements

Geographical location

Kharovsk municipal district is situated in the very heart of the Vologda area. The district shares borders with the Vozhega District in the north, Ust'-Kubinsky District to the west and the Sokol area to the south.


Transportation routes: highways Kharovsk-Sokol-Vologda, and Kharovsk-Syamzha-Vologda; several railway stations on the railway line connecting Moscow and Arkhangelsk

The centre of the district, the city of Kharovsk is located on the innavigable Kubena River. The town is connected with Vologda via a trunk - railway and highways.


Main branches of industry: timber, metal processing, food industry, dairy and meat production.

Kharovsk's workers are employed primarily in timber and wood working industries which are clear dominants in the town's economy. Dairy-farming, metal working, food industry and processing of rotted straw are also clearly expressed specializations of Kharovsk. Industry of Kharovsk is represented by 15 enterprises of various organizational and legal forms and three affiliates.

The products manufactured by the district's enterprises are lumber, saw-timber, sash pulley, doors, confectionery, bakery, tinned fruit, macaroni and wood chips. Since in terms of both employment and production, timber industry is the most important component of the district's economy, its modernization is essential for the overall economic development because it will create a consumer surplus that can be saved and invested in other economic sectors.

District of Kharovsk is a vast wooded area with some 79% of its total land area covered by forests. The forests abound with elks, wild boars, bears, martens and beavers. The district is rich in mineral resources - limestone, gravel, construction sand, fire - clay, pottery clay, peat and others.

Attractions and tourism

There are several natural reserves, which contain an abundance of wilderness, wildlife and spectacular beauty. Moreover, under protection there are about twenty cranberry marshes with a total area of 15000 hectares.

The only museum in Kharovsk is the Kharovsk Museum of Art and History which was founded in 1967 and reopened in 2000.

One of the races of the Motocross Cup of Russia is held in July every year close to Kharovsk.

Administrative centre: Kharovsk
Administration of the district: 3, Oktyabrskaya Square, 162250 Kharovsk, Vologda Oblast, Russia
Head of the disctrict: Olga Mirolyubova. Tel: 2-17-44, 2-19-47. E-mail:
Head of the administration: Oleg Tikhomirov.
Population: 14741
Square: 3650 km2