Administrative division

141 settlements

Geographical location

The district of Babushkino is located in the east of the Vologda Oblast. It has a very advantageous location, as it is situated in close vicinity to the north-eastern regions and the Kostroma Oblast.

The district of Babushkino is one of the most eco-friendly places in the Vologda Region. It is located in a very picturesque place. The spot affords a breath-taking panorama of the soaring forests, the expanse of still undeveloped fields and green coppices. Its remoteness from the industrial centres and natural sources containing mineral salts make it possible to turn the district of Babushkino into a centre for tourism.


Distance from Vologda: 249 km

The district has a developed bus network. Railway stations (Yuza and Kunozh) are used primarily for carrying-out of timber.


There are 307 private entrepreneurs and 182 enterprises of different organizational forms on the territory of the district. In the branch structure, timber, wood-working, food industries and agribusiness take a dominating position.

Attractions and tourism

The district boasts a sanatorium Ledengsk (spa treatment based on the curative properties of the local salt springs). Ledengsk salt-work (the locals found salt deposits in the 14th century) is one of the main places of interest.

Mineral springs and mud applications are highly therapeutic for post-traumatic conditions. The Ledensk Sanitorium opened its doors here in 1841, offering mineral baths, mineral therapeutic muds, salutary air of pine and mixed forests, organic natural food and, of course, highly-efficient physiotherapeutic procedures for treatment of support-motor apparatus, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Belarusian sanatoria offer mineral water and therapeutic mud treatments.

Several natural monuments and reserves are also a magnet for tourists and visitors of the district.

Religious tourism where people travel individually or in groups for pilgrimage is also typical for the district.


The District of Babushkino was first mentioned in the records dated back to the 14th century. The locals found salt deposits at this time.

Ilya Petrovich Chaykovsky, father of the great Russian composer, served as administrator of the Onezhsky salt board (1831–1837).

The Disrtict of Babushkino became famous thanks to one of its renowned residents - pilot cosmonaut Pavel Belyayev who flew on the historic Voskhod-2 mission, the Soviet spacecraft that was orbiting the planet on March 18-19, 1965.

Administrative centre: settlement of Babushkino
Administration:pl. Imeni Babushkina 54, 161350 settlement named after Babushkin, Vologda Oblast, Russia
Head of the district: Tatyana Zhirokhova. Tel: (8-817-45) 2-14-45. E-mail:
Acting Head of the administration: Nikolai Kholmogorov. Tel: (8-817-45) 2-17-04.
Population: 11908
Square: 7765,5 km2