Legal Frameworks

Government of the Oblast

2, Gerzen Street, 160000, Vologda, Russia

Tel./Fax: +7 8172 729990, 728722

E-mail: government@gov35.ru

According to the Statutes of the Vologda Oblast the Governor of the Oblast and executive bodies that he forms constitute the executive branch of the Vologda Oblast - the Government of the Vologda Oblast.

The Governor of the Vologda Oblast is the head of the Oblast and the Government. The Governor is assisted by Vice-Governors.

The Government elaborates the draft budget, social and economic development programmes and it is responsible for their administering and executing.

Governor submits the draft budget for consideration in the Legislative Assembly and represents the interests of the Oblast when dealing with the federal executive bodies and government bodies of the Federation entities.

The Government of the Vologda Oblast and executive bodies represent the interests of the population and assume responsibility in decision - making process and promote the region's progress.

To achieve its mission, the Government conducts activities and provides services that fall into the following categories:

  • increase in budget-forming potential and tax collection;
  • boost of investments into the region;
  • concentration on reviving industries, production of competitive goods, backing of the manufacturers' interests;
  • creation of working places, curbing of unemployment rates;
  • protection of the stability of the Vologda Oblast.

The Government consists of the Governor (head of the local Government), Vice-Governors, members of the Government, and heads of the local organs of executive power. The members of the Vologda Oblast Government provide vision for the region-wide development, leadership and direction for efficient functioning of the local Government.

The Government of the Vologda Oblast has the following powers which are laid out in the Article 63 of the Statutes of the Vologda Oblast:

  • to develop and to present the oblast budget to the Legislative Assembly, ensure its implementation, and reports on the latter to the Legislative Assembly;
  • to establish and supervise the working of the local organs of executive power;
  • to ensure the conduct of a unified financial, credit, investment and pricing policy, policy in the areas of culture, science, education, health care, social security, and ecology;
  • to undertake measures to ensure the lawfulness, rights, and freedoms of citizens, the protection of property and public order, and crime prevention;
  • to undertake the administration of state property;
  • to exercise other authority placed upon it by federal laws, the Statutes of the Vologda Oblast and laws of the oblast.

On the basis of and pursuant to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws and normative decrees of the oblast the Government of the Vologda Oblast issues decrees and orders and ensures their implementation thereof.