Civil Registry Office


The Civil Registry Office works in accordance with the Clause of the Civil Registry Office confirmed by the Vologda Oblast Government Decree N 1060 dated as of 15.11.2004.

The Civil Registry Office records the vital events of Vologda Oblast's citizens. The purpose of civil registration is to create legal documents that are used to establish and protect the civil rights of individuals and to create a data source for the compilation of vital statistics.

Main functions include:

  • recording the civil status of persons (births, deaths, marriages, annulments of marriages, divorces, legitimations, adoptions, acknowledgment of natural children and changes of name);
  • keeping and preservation of books making up the civil register and all documents relating thereto;
  • issue of certified copies of documents of vital events;
  • carrying out campaigns aiming to foster family life, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood.


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