Vologda Made Product

In 2002 Rospatent, the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property registered a trademark "Vologda Made Product". This trademark of staple products produced on the territory of Vologda region can be considered an established regional brand.

A system of voluntary certification under the same name "Vologda Made Product" is a sign for clients and consumers that our goods and services focus on quality and are run with efficiency.

The oblast exports considerable amounts of food product: milk, poultry, meat and famous Vologda butter. High quality of products under the Vologda Made Product trademark was repeatedly awarded with various prizes.

The region is more than self-sufficient in nearly all major products. It produces close to 100% of its needs for cereals, flax fibre, meat, dairy products, poultry meat and vegetables. Farmers of the Vologda area are amongst the most productive in Russia. They supply the essential foodstuffs for the region; they feed other parts of Russia as well.

Over 4500 branded food articles produced by Vologda's agricultural enterprises get the highest marks with consumers when it comes to the quality and value.

Seventy eight enterprises located on the territory of the Vologda Oblast are leading suppliers of branded food products in the food service industry. They offer a broad range of trusted, time-honoured goods that food service operators across the region and the country have come to depend on.

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