Ded Moroz

November 18 is considered to be Ded Moroz' birthday, and the city of Veliky Ustyug in Russia's north - his birthplace. Ded Moroz usually lights up the first New Year's tree on his birthday. By tradition, a lot of guests come to Veliky Ustyug for Ded Moroz' birthday. His friends from other Russian cities, far-abroad countries and the near abroad gather there.

Father Frost lit the lights on the Christmas tree in Velikiy Ustyug's main square with his magic staff, thus kicking off the festive season.

Ded Moroz plays a role similar to that of Santa Claus. It is exactly as we used to imagine him in childhood: grey hair, a beard, in red ulster, with very kind eyes and smile.

The official residence of Ded Moroz in Russia is the town of Veliky Ustyug. It is in traditional "terem" style. The residence welcomes visitors all year around, but naturally it is especially popular during the New Year's holiday season. The residence has a throne hall, a museum, a workshop, a mail post and a souvenir shop.

Even on the coldest winter days, the residence of Ded Moroz is not deserted. Children come to play and to see the main magician of New Year's in Russia, Ded Moroz. Visiting the residence can be fun for adults as well, mostly because the idea behind it is to recreate a fairy tale. And when you stop in front of carved gates where a magic path starts which leads to a magic house you will forget everything else in the world and will believe in magic. You can walk along magic paths where you encounter fairy characters. Visiting the house of the Father Frost is the main and most festive event. You will get acquainted with the Father and his suite and you will have an opportunity to make a wish when a crystal bell rings.

In the house of Ded Moroz, you can see his bedroom and dining room, his magical staff and other attributes of his power - not to mention having an opportunity to meet Ded Moroz in person.

Visiting the post office of Ded Moroz, where all the children's requests are gathered and read, is exciting as well.

In late December he traditionally leaves his forest residence to open New Year's parties and ceremonies and greets guests with presents during the whole winter. Thanks to the GLONASS satellite system, anyone in any part of the globe is able to learn where Father Frost now is.

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