Vologda Specialities

Vologda Oblast - Soul of Russia’s North

A new brand of the Vologda Region - “Vologda Oblast - Soul of Russia’s North” was created to unite the inhabitants of the region on the basis of common cultural and historical heritage and to pass over those values to other generations.

The composition is built in the form of a circle. The circle signifies the sun, the soul, the light, the infinity and the letter “O”, which is so typical for a verbal image of the Vologda Region. The symbol unites most folk traditions: lace, embroidery, carving and wood-painting.

A bird depicted on it is typical for Slavic and Finno-Ugric mythology, and later for Christianity. The bird is perceived as a symbol of the soul and the spirit, the manifestation of the divine, the highest state of spirit and mind.

The new brand presents the Vologda Region as a peaceful and open region where people adhere to family values, keep the Orthodox heritage and traditions, and respect the work and achievements of the human being.

The colours of the new brand are the main colours that are used in the architectural monuments, folk art and handicrafts of the Vologda Region. The colours signify strength, hardiness and valor (red), nobility, light, holiness and purity (white). The combination of red and white colours is typical for fabrics and embroideries of the Russian North.

As for the geographical location, the region is situated in Russia’s North. Today the Vologda Oblast ranks first among all other regions of Russia by the share of the Russian population. The Vologda Oblast is a region that preserved its Russian identity and cultural and Orthodox traditions.

The word combination “Russian North” sounds very familiar to the residents of the Oblast. “Russian North” is the name of a national part situated in the District of Kirillov, of the ensemble of folk music and dance, and finally the word combination “Russian North” is used in the names of Vologda’s staple products.

The “Russian North" runs as a motif through the history of the Vologda Oblast, even the two main colours that are found in the symbols of the Vologda Region- red and white - signify strength, hardiness and valor.

The Vologda Oblast has always been known for its artisans and craftsmen of the highest calibre, the highest quality Vologda made products, breathtaking and awesome panoramic views, historic places and sights.

Vologda laces won deserved fame and world-wide recognition for their high artistic value, rich ornament and excellent workmanship. Unfortunately, we know very little about the production of Vologda laces but it is well-known that this craft quickly gained popularity in Russia.

Vologda butter is another top brand of the Vologda Region. The first creameries appeared here in 1835, and Vologda boasts the first cream separator in all Russia. Butter making has been an industry in this region since 1881, begun in the settlement of Molochnoye. But the tale really begins with Nikolai V. Vereshchagin (b. 1839), founder of the Milk Academy of Vologda, operator of the nation's first, and presumably the only, butter-making school, noted  turn-of-the-last-century expert on dairy innovation. 

It was Mr. Vereshchagin who noticed that ordinary butter sometimes seemed sour, and set about to fix that. Experimenting, he tried separating sweet cream from milk twice during butter-making, rather than once as was the usual practice. 

The result was a king among butters. This, then, was real Vologda butter. 

The Vologda Oblast has gone a long way in differentiating itself from any other region in the nation. Such top brands as Vologda Lace, Vologda Butter, Ded Moroz from Veliky Ustyug, and Vologda Linen are world famous.

Some brands have also achieved the broader consumer recognition outside the region - Vologda Made Product and Vologda's Craftsmen.

A number of Vologda brands are still relatively small but have a growing presence both in Russia and abroad.

Under the Vologda Oblast Governor's decree N 2083-r of September 21, 2011 "On Grouping of a List of Vologda Brands" such Vologda Specialities are defined as top brands:

  • Vologda Made Product;
  • Vologda Butter;
  • Vologda Lace;
  • Vologda Linen;
  • Ded Moroz;
  • Vologda's Craftsmen.

It is recognized that a unified brand identity is the key to better coordination of marketing efforts, which, in turn, is the key to competing more effectively with larger, better-funded marketing efforts of other regions.