District of Vytegra


The town of Vytegra is located along the shores of the Vytegra River on Volga-Baltic Waterway. It was known as the village of Vyangi at the confluence of the Vytegra and the Vyangi Rivers. In 1773 it was given the status of a town. The history of Vytegra is connected with ship building industry development, seafaring, navigation and harbour construction.

In 1715 a shipbuilding yard was raised near Vyanga pier by Tsar Peter the Great. The shipyard was in operation until 1847.

It is not by chance that a unique museum ship - B-440, Soviet Foxtrot (641) - class submarine is situated in Vytegra. The Foxtrot class was the NATO reporting name of a class of diesel-electric patrol submarines that were built in the Soviet Union. The Soviet designation of this class was Project 641. The Foxtrot class was completely obsolete by the time the last submarine was launched. The Russian Navy retired its last Foxtrots between 1995 and 2000.

The museum ship in Vytegra was opened on December 10, 2005. Numerous visitors flock to the museum from different parts of Russia and abroad to get in and explore the interior of all the sections of the museum submarine.< /p>

The museum in Vytegra invites you to board the real B-440 submarine and experience life aboard this sub first-hand. The submarine preserved intact its rare operational, functioning equipment and motors. One can see photographs of submariners, their personal belongings, documents revealing the history of submarine fleet development.