District of Ustyuzhna


Ustyuzhna is situated 250 km south-west of Vologda on the Mologa River. The history of it dates back to 1252 and begins with the development of metallurgical industry on the territory of Rus. The remains of the ancient town and the amount of ironmongery found in the estuary of the Kat river testify to this fact. The town was rich in iron ore that was extracted on the Zheleznoye Pole (Iron Field). That is why the place was christened "Yustyug Zhelezny" (Iron Yustyug).

The ironworks producing weapons for the Russian fleet were the making of Ustyuzhna. They once brought great wealth to the town which developed as a major metallurgical centre in Rus in the 15th-17th centuries.

Two stately stone structures - the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin (17th century) and the Church of the Kazan Virgin (18th century) - were restored to their original appearance. They provide characteristic examples of the local architectural style. Quite remarkable in their achitecture, they attract the visitor's attention.

The focus of tourist industry in the District of Ustyuzhna is on the pure pleasures of the great outdoors, impressive monuments of archtecture and history of many exceptional men and women. The charm of the narrow streets, timbered houses and scenic parks and gardens make a fascinating atmosphere for a journey.

Excursions in Ustyuzhna and its suburbs:

  • A walking tour that will lead you through the historical part of the city, some of Ustyuzhna's most picturesque streets and to the city's most prestigious monuments.
  • An excursion to the site of an ancient settlement (10th-11th centuries) and the Church of the Kazan Virgin which remains active.
  • The Museum of Local Lore. Early works of Russian art can be found in the museum. On display are distaffs, carved and blacksmith's works, embroidery. Quite valuable is the collection of oil painting (18th-19th centuries). Some pictures belong to the brush of I.Aivazovsky, B.Kustodiev, Y.Klever and others.
  • The Memorial Flat of K.Batyushkov and A.Kuprin located in Danilovskoye 15 km off Ustyuzhna. In the 18th century the house belonged to N.Batyushkov, the father of the remarkable Russian poet K.Batyushkov. Konstantin spent his childhood in Danilovskoye. Later, in 1906-1911 A.Kuprin, the famous Russian writer, lived there.