District of Sheksna


The district of Sheksna is situated at the intersection of the main Russian transportation lines:

  • Highways - road of federal importance Vologda - Novaya Ladoga (9,000 cars a day);
  • Waterways (the Sheksna River) - Volgo-Baltic Waterway (7,500 ships during navigation period);
  • Railways - Northern railway (190 trains a day).

The district shares borders with the district of Kirillov in the north, the district of Cherepovets to the west and the south, the district of Vologda to the east. Thanks to its advantageous location the district of Sheksna is a magnet in such sphere as tourism.

In immediate proximity to the Volgo-Baltic Waterway there are vacant sites that make it possible to turn the district into a centre for tourism with the focus on rural tourism, hunting, fishing, family rest, etc.

Tourism opportunities in the district:

  • Summer and winter rest in the village of Irma;
  • History of Russian culture, traditions of Russian Orthodoxy in Sizma;
  • Water itineraries in Sheksna.


During navigation period more than 40 ships moor in the village of Irma, thus serving about 6000 passengers.


Another point of interest is Sizma, an ancient Russian village, which attracts the ever-increasing number of tourists. Russian traditions and customs, local handicrafts (weaving, straw wicker-work and knitting) are preserved and developed in the village. Every day about 200-300 pilgrims flock there. The place was visited by travellers from Switzerland, Holland, the USA, Canada, Georgia and other countries.