District of Gryazovets


Gryazovets, a town and the administrative centre of Gryazovets District is located in the southernmost part of the Vologda Oblast.

Gryazovets (at that time known as the settlement of Gryazovitsky) was first mentioned in a charter of Tsar Ivan IV in 1538. As time passed, the settlement developed into the trade village of Gryazlevitsa.

Trade development contributed to the prosperity of the village. The village grew and on January 25, 1780 under the Senate decree it got the status of a town.

The district boasts a very advantageous geographic and economic location. The extensive network of highways and railways runs through the district, the federal paved highway connecting Moscow with Arkhangelsk and the railways linking Saint Petersburg and the Urals, Moscow and Arkhangelsk among them. All this makes getting to the District of Gryazovets extremely easy.

The chief historical monuments of the district are the Paul - Obnorsky Monastery, Kornilyevo - Komelsky Monastery and Bryanchaninovs' Country Estate.

Several years ago the administration of the District of Gryazovets decided to take the brand of Vologda butter as a basis for development of tourist business and have developed a concept for a new interactive museum complex "Dairy Sloboda".

The museum complex will be located in the village of Sloboda and will include a museum of a cow with the premises for cow housing, a milk museum, a gift shop, a refectory, workshops and playgrounds.

The site has a favourable geographical location - it is situated on the highway Vologda - Moscow 6 km away from Gryazovets.