Rural Tourism

A tourism village has some special characteristics of a place as tourism object. In this area, the traditions and culture of local community are still pure. A tourism village is also coloured by some supporting factors, such as local food, agriculture system and social system. Besides, pure nature and environment are added points for a tourism village.

The development of infrastructure in rural areas having potential for tourism is being supported under the existing local government’s policy of destination development. The objective is to showcase rural life, culture and heritage at rural locations and in villages. The intention is to benefit the local community economically and socially as well as enable interaction between tourists and local population for a mutually enriching experience.

For the visitor, rural tourism adds value through packaged programmes in art and craft imparted by skilled local artisans. Village entertainment groups unveil local history and culture, natural and oral treasures. The visitor thus comes face to face with Vologda’s rural traditions and wooden architecture. So far, 162 rural sites in 23 districts of the Vologda Oblast have been developed.

Dozens of home stays which are managed by local community appeared throughout the Vologda Oblast. In home stays, visitors can feel the real daily life of local community, natural environment, and unique traditions. Moreover, in the Vologda Region, the local traditions and its nature are the most attractive points.

Tourism villages and home stays of the Vologda Oblast offer a variety of services to visitors. One can go fishing, hunt, pick up berries, take part in master classes arranged by local artisans, bake and cook Russian dishes in the Russian oven, watch honey production, make curd and butter. Tourists can go walking and enjoy the beautiful wilderness view. Pure and untouchable nature is the region’s pride and joy.

Trips to tourism villages give visitors memorable moments because they can feel a purely village atmosphere.

In some villages and settlements tourists can admire stately architecture of Vologda churches and chapels, visit local sacred springs which are usually located in rural, wooded areas.