Honourary citizens

Vladimir Korbakov

Vladimir Korbakov

painter, member of the Russian Artists' Union since 1959

Born June 5, 1922 in Kazarinovo, Sokolsky district of the Vologda Oblast.

1951-1958 - study at the Moscow Art Institute of V.Surikov.

Honoured Artist of Russia.

Mr. Korbakov's personal exhibitions have been organised in Moscow /1955, 1983, 1994/, Kirov /1972/, Arkhangelsk /1989/, in Hungary /1988/.

Self-portrait on a horse.
1975-1987. Canvas, oil

The portrait of the eldest daughter Natasha.
1995. Fibre board, oil

Vologda. A grey day.
1980. Canvas, oil

A yard in Vologda.
1998. Fibre board, oil

The Russian soldier - a 96 years old A.Bragin. 1981.

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