Alexander Rybakov

Alexander Rybakov

artist, restorer

Born in 1940 in the Vladimir Oblast.
Has been living in Vologda since 1968.
1959 - graduated from the Artistic College, the faculty of painting.
1967 - graduated from the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I.Repin.
1967-1968 - worked as a restorer in the State Russian Museum (St.Petersburg).
Restored several churches in the Vologda Oblast. Among them is the interior of the Sofia Chathedral in Vologda.
His most famous scientific works are the dissertation "Wall-painting of the 17-19 centuries in Vologda" and the book "Vologda Icon".
1973 - member of the Russian Artists' Union.
1993 - member of the Association of Russian cultural workers.

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