Anatoly Nagovitsin

Anatoly Nagovitsin

painter, member of the Russian Artists' Union since 1961

Born January 10, 1921 in Pokrovskoye of the Kirov Oblast.

1938-1939 - study at the Odessa Art School.

Member of Russian Artists' Union.

Honoured Artist of Russia.

Lives and works in Cherepovets since 1963.

Mr Nagovitsyn's personal exhibitions have been organised in Vologda /1981, 1988/, Moscow /1968/, Leningrad /1967, 1968, 1976/, Cherepovets /1971, 1983, 1990, 1999/, Velsk /1970/, Коtelnitch /1953/.

Waves and flying ducks.

Fishermen's settlement.

A wooden church and a stone cahedral.


At the factory. 1979.

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