Foreign Relations

The Governor’s Administrative Office is a subdivision of the Vologda Oblast Government. The Governor’s Administrative Office develops and maintains foreign relations for the Vologda Oblast fostering partnerships that increase global visibility, cultural understanding and economic growth.

Within its competence, the Governor’s Administrative Office performs the following functions:

  • protocol maintenance of events with participation of the Vologda Oblast Governor in accordance with standard rules of the national, diplomatic and business protocol, maintenance of etiquette and procedure in organising meetings, receptions and visits with the Governor's participation;
  • controlling, directing, organizing and management of activities of the Vologda Oblast Government and executive bodies of the Vologda Oblast with respect to events and meetings with the Governor’s participation;
  • implementation of the mutual international, science and cultural relations of the Vologda Oblast with abroad countries and cities;
  • conducting organizational work with foreign delegation arriving to the Vologda Oblast and organizing official visits of Vologda's delegation abroad;
  • organization and coordination of activities aiming to establish and develop sisters connections and friendship;
  • assistance to enterprises and companies of the Vologda Oblast aiming to participate in international exhibitions, fairs, presentations and any other activities;
  • preparation of agreements, contracts, memorandums, minutes of deliberations about inter-regional and international relations;
  • translation of international correspondence for the Vologda Oblast Government.
Head of the Governor’s Administrative Office: Inna M. Sinyagina
Postal address: 2, Gertsen Street, 160000, Vologda, Russia
E-mail: AGO@pvo.gov35.ru
Phone:: (8172) 23 00 77
Fax: (8172) 23 00 77 (extension number 5029)

Head of Foreign Relations Office: Anna A. Loskutenko
Postal address: 2, Gertsen Street, 160000, Vologda, Russia
E-mail: LoskutenkoAA@pvo.gov35.ru
Phone:: (8172) 23 00 39

International Treaties & Agreements (download)


Vologda Region is stepping up trade, economic and humanitarian ties with Slovenia.

On October 18th First Deputy Governor Anton Koltsov met with Branko Rakovec, Slovenian Ambassador to Russia. The parties discussed guidelines for trade and economic partnership ties.

Meeting of Vologda Region Govenor with Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe

Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov saw Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Vologda Region is stepping up cooperation and foreign trade turnover with Finland.

Sannamaaria Vanamo, chief of the Finnish St. Petersburg Consulate General met with Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov.

Partnership relations of leading world powers as a foundation for joint development: meeting of Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov with Japanese Ambassador to Russia Toyohisa Kozuki.

A delegation of the Embassy of Japan in Russia headed by Japanese Ambassador to Russia Toyohisa Kozuki arrived in the Vologda Region on an official visit. Representatives of the executive authorities of the Vologda Region met with the members of the Japanese delegation to discuss guidelines for Russian-Japanese cooperation and prospective benefits of conducting joint economic activities.

Republic of Armenia and Vologda Region are strengthening partnership ties.

The prospects of cooperation between the Vologda Region and the Republic of Armenia were discussed at the local government. The meeting was held in the video conference format.

Deputy Governor Mr. Tushinov took part in a meeting of Russian-Chinese Standing Working Group on Interregional Cooperation and Special Economic Zones.

The first meeting of the Russian-Chinese Standing Working Group on Interregional and Cross-border Cooperation and Special Economic Zones was held in the video conference format.

Representatives of Vologda Region took part in Fort Ross Dialogue International Forum.

Fort Ross Dialogue has become a platform for Russian and U.S. politicians, cultural workers and experts to discuss the ways to boost cooperation between the two countries.

Prospects of cooperation between Vologda Region and Uzbekistan were discussed via video conference.

The Vologda Region (Russia) and Fergana Region (Uzbekistan) have been sustaining partnership ties for years. Over these years, the parties have implemented a whole range of joint projects.

Vologda Region to cooperate with Dak Lak Province, Vietnam.

Today top leadership of the Vologda Region Government and Dak Lak Province (Vietnam) held an online business meeting. The relations between Vietnam and the Vologda Region started long before, dating back to the 1960s. It was during this period that several thousand Vietnamese residents worked at key enterprises of the Vologda Region under an interstate agreement.

Deputy Governor Mikhail Glazkov met with members of a delegation from Prešov Region (Slovakia) that arrived in Vologda to participate in the 24th International exhibition-fair Russian Forest.

During the meeting with the Deputy Governor, the Slovak guests noted the high level of the exhibition and confirmed their readiness for further development of joint work at the interregional level.

An American delegation visited Totma, the birthplace of  Ivan Kuskov, Commerce Counsellor of the Russian-American Company.

Leading Russian and US experts, scientists, businessmen, and diplomats arrived in the Vologda Region to participate in an international conference Fort Ross Dialogue in Vologda on June 3-4.

Fort Ross Dialogue forum will be held in Vologda on June 3-4.

Since 2012 the venue of the annual international forum has always been the Fort Ross California Historic Park, founded by Russian merchants from the Vologda Region at the beginning of the 19th century. Its participants are Russian and American politicians, representatives of the Russian Geographical Society, experts and entrepreneurs from both countries.

Today Chairman of the Vologda Region Government met with representatives of Nestlé, the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company.

Chairman of the Vologda Region Government Anton Koltsov met with Andrey Bader, Corporate Affairs Director of Nestlé to discuss construction of a new cereals plant on the territory of the Vologda Oblast. The meeting was held within the framework of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

Delegation from Vologda Region led by Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov is taking part in Russian Investment Forum Sochi-2018.

The Russian Investment Forum, the key business event for showcasing Russia’s investment and economic potential, will take place on February 15–16, 2018. The Investment Forum in Sochi is held annually and attracts participants from Russian regions and foreign countries.