Vologda State University

The Vologda State University is the largest educational and research centre among Vologda's universities. It offers the most varied programmes.

Over 9,000 students attend the university. They begin the rewarding climb towards personal, academic and professional career advancement by acquiring real-world knowledge and industry-current skills in their chosen career fields.

The university's faculties are represented by:

  • Faculty of Industry Management and Innovation Technologies;
  • Faculty of Power Engineering;
  • Faculty of Construction and Engineering;
  • Faculty of Ecology;
  • Faculty of Economics;
  • Faculty of the Humanities;
  • Law Faculty;
  • Faculty of Mathematics and its Applications, IT-technologies and Physics;
  • Faculty of Social Work, Pedagogics and Psychology;
  • Faculty of Natural Studies;
  • Philological Faculty;
  • Faculty of History;
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages, Culture and Arts;
  • Faculty of Physical Education.

The Vologda State Teachers' Training Institute (now part of the Vologda State University) was established in 1918 as an institution committed to promoted educational development throughout the Vologda Oblast.

The Vologda State University serves as an advanced centre of education, research and culture in Russia's North and facilitates academic dialogue while preparing its graduates to serve as the region's next generation of engineers, software engineers, teachers and scholars.

Through a rich interdisciplinary curriculum, the university encourages its students to become creative and independent thinkers, lifetime learners and active participants in society.

The university offers degree programs at the Bachelor's, Master's and even Doctoral levels in a wide range of professional fields. Undergraduate and graduate academic programs move beyond the theoretical information offered at many universities to provide a practical education that students can apply in their careers today and in the future. Students also undertake individual research projects, focused on topics of their interest, with faculty supervision.

The Vologda State University actively cooperates with enterprise, funds, colleges and universities throughout the world - in Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Poland, Finland, China, the USA, Belarus and Ukraine. Together with Ruhr University (Germany), the University of Glasgow (Scotland) and Innsbruck University, it is a member of an international consortium for European culture learning.

The Vologda State University has helped thousands of students soar to achieve career success in business and industries.

Postal address: 15 Lenin Street, 160000 Vologda, Russia

E-mail: kanz@vogu35.ru