Vologda State Milk Academy

The Vologda State Milk Academy is the oldest higher educational establishment of Russia's North. Founded in 1911 under the decree of Emperor Nikolai II as a dairy institute, it was to promote research in the field of dairy farming and cattle-breeding, and prepare its graduates to serve as the region's next generation of farmers and scholars.

Vologda-born Nikolai Vereshchagin, the leading dairy expert in Russia, made a tangible contribution to modern Russian dairy farming. In 1995 the institute reopened under the name of the Vologda State Milk Academy in honour of Nikolai Vereshchagin.

The Academy is comprised of seven faculties (economic, technological, zoological studies, agricultural science and forestry, agriculture mechanization, veterinary science) and a technological college. It includes seven buildings and four training and research centres.

The Vologda State Milk Academy has a milk plant, a library with 450,000 volumes in its collection, sports facilities, a car-fleet, a joiner's shop, an experimental ground and arboretum.

Postal address: 2 Shmidt Street, settlement of Molochnoe, 160555 Vologda, Russia

E-mail: academy@molochnoe.ru