Cherepovets State University

The university was established in 1996. It works to provide students with a wide array of services and facilities. Together these services and facilities aim to create an improved scholastic environment, promote an active social life and provide a higher level of quality education.

Today over 9000 students attend the Cherepovets State University. They are spread throughout five institutes and three faculties. The University's five institutes are represented by: the Humanities, Engineering and Economy, Metallurgy and Chemistry, Pedagogics and Psychology, and Institute of distance learning. The total number of teachers is 500.

Along with its main location, the university includes 12 other locations in the Cherepovets area. The university also has computerized training and research centres. The university's library has about 600,000 volumes in collection. The library serves researchers, teachers and students and provides them with periodicals, manuscripts, maps, books and reading rooms.

The university is the recipient of the award "Golden Eagle" within the framework of an international program "Partnership for the sake of progress".

Postal address: 5 Lunacharsky Avenue, 162600 Cherepovets, Russia

E-mail: chsu@chsu.ru