Water Transportation

Water transportation plays an important role in Vologda's transit, but the region's geography and climate limit the capacity of shipping. River transport is most vital in areas devoid of railways.

Rivers and lakes of the Vologda oblast are connected with basins of the White sea, the Baltic sea, the Mediterranean and the Caspian sea.

Over 1300 rivers flow through the Oblast, the biggest being the Sukhona, the Northern Dvina, the Yug, the Sheksna, the Vytegra and the Kovzha.

The Sukhona and Northern Dvina rivers provide a water traffic access to the White Sea, and through the Northern Dvina locked system - to the Volga-Baltic Waterway and the Caspian sea. The total length of the Northern Dvina locked system is 127 km.

In 1964 the Volga-Baltic Waterway was built to replace the outdated Mariin hand-made water system.

The Volga-Baltic Waterway has 8 sluices and 11 ports. The total length of the Volga-Baltic waterway in the Vologda region is 361 km.The Northwest shipping company manages the ports of Cherepovets, Belozersk and Vytegra.

Navigable inland waterways extend 1800 km within the Oblast. Cargo traffic is the predominant use of waterways, the freight haulage being made up of coal, ore, construction materials, mineral fertilizers, oil products, equipment and agricultural products.

In addition to its vital role in trade, water transport also has some importance in linking the various regions of the Vologda Oblast. Traffic on the routes is seasonal.

Major ports of the oblast have facilities to load and unload cargo and passenger vessels. They are rail and road accessible and have a wide range of cranes with 5 up to 100 tons lifting capacities and other necessary port facilities.

Port of Cherepovets
7 Sudostroitelnaya St., 162600 Cherepovets, Russia
tel./ fax: (8202) 20-25-03
E-mail: info@cherport.ru

Port of Belozersk
80 Vodotransportnaya St., 161200, Belozersk, Vologda Region, Russia
tel./ fax: (81756) 2-10-00
E-mail: shipport@.vologda.ru

Port of Vologda
115 Sovetsky Prospect, 160012, Vologda, Russia
tel: (8172) 75-04-21
fax: (8172) 75-60-83

The port of Cherepovets is the biggest port on the Volga-Baltic Waterway. It offers 900 m of improved waterfront, with facilities to handle the loading and unloading of cargo and passenger vessels. It receives numerous river and "river-sea" vessels calls. Besides, the port offers freight, lease, forwarding and other services to importers and exporters.

Distances to major Russian ports
  Arkhangelsk St. Petersburg Moscow Kandalaksha
(Murmansk Oblast)
Vologda 1199 Km (745 MI) 933 Km (579 MI) 830 Km (515 MI) 1332 Km (827 MI)
Cherepovets 1174 Km (729 MI) 845 Km (525 MI) 491 Km (305 MI) 1244 Km (773 MI)