According to forms of ownership motor roads of the Vologda Oblast are divided into: federal roads, oblast's roads, municipal roads and departmental roads.

A total length of federal roads within the Vologda Oblast is 639 Km (397 MI):

  • M-8 - 307 Km (191 MI) Moscow-Arkhangelsk
  • A-114 - 332 Km (206 MI) Vologda-Novaya Ladoga

The federal roads are managed by the Federal North-West Motor Roads Administration.

The Territorial Road Committee of the Vologda Oblast Government manages oblast's roads with a total length of 15244 Km (9467 MI).

Local municipalities manage municipal roads.

The most intensive traffic is on the Oblast's roads Vologda - Kirillov - Medvezhyegorsk and Chekshino - Tot'ma - Nikolsk.

  Moscow St. Petersburg Yaroslavl Arkhangelsk
Vologda 450 Km (280 MI) 695 Km (432 MI) 202 Km (125 MI) 817 Km (507 MI)
Cherepovets 517 Km (321 MI) 559 Km (347 MI) 267 Km (166 MI) 953 Km (592 MI)
Sokol 492 Km (306 MI) 737 Km (458 MI) 244 Km (152 MI) 788 Km (489 MI)

Necessary roads transportation service is available in the Oblast:

  • urban, suburban and intercity haulage and passenger transportation;
  • haulage of containerized cargo within the Vologda oblast, the Russian Federation and the CIS countries;
  • bus passenger traffic;
  • provision of comfortable buses for excursion purposes, etc.

In comparison with the railrods, the road system carries only a tiny fraction of the freight.

Passenger traffic is the predominant use of roads. The road system's share of passenger transportation is 96,9 percent of the total portion of passenger traffic. The Oblast's bus fleet serve 567 routes totalling 25 600 Km. Vologda boasts an efficient transportation system. The network of buses, autos and trolley - buses makes getting to and around Vologda easy. Every day 120-125 buses, 40-45 trolley - buses, and 140-145 minibuses serve 79 routes within the city. However, Vologda's highway system requires rehabilitation or reconstruction.

At present 35 enterprises of motor transport, 2 intercity electric transport organizations and 119 entrepreneurs offer transportation services in the Vologda Oblast, thus transporting 129 million passengers annually.