Railroads are the dominant mode of freight and passenger transportation. Railway system of the Vologda oblast meets demands for fast and efficient service. The Vologda railway station is one of the biggest in the North-West of Russia. Density of the rail network varies regionally throughout the country, accounting for 53 km per 10,000 sq km in the Vologda region. Major railroads going through the station are:

  1. Moscow - Arkhangelsk (- Vorkuta - Murmansk)
  2. St. Petersburg - Yekaterinburg.

The total operational length of railroads available for general use within the Vologda oblast is over 2000 km. Cargo traffic is the predominant use of railroads, the freight haulage being made up of ferrous metals, construction materials, mineral fertilizers, wood and wood-working articles. Rail freightage and passenger transportation is mostly carried out by:

Vologda Branch of the Russian North Rail System (RZhD)
39, Mira St., 160009, Vologda, Russia
tel.: (8172) 793400 fax: (8172) 796151

Vologda Branch of the North Rail System has three railway car and two locomotive sheds, load-unload and forwarding service, passenger local, commuting and far distances passenger transportation service.

Major railway stations are located in Vologda, Cherepovets, Sheksna, Kharovsk and Gryazovets.

The interaction of rail and big timber, chemical and ferrous metal manufactures allows to ship goods produced in the Vologda oblast to any region within the Russian Federation and outside it.

In 2009 over 14,5 million tons of freight were transported by railroad from the Oblast. The freight was made up, for the most part, of ferrous metals (46,8%), wood and wood-working articles (16,1%), chemicals and mineral fertilizers (17,9%) construction materials (6,5%) and other goods (12,7%).

The passenger movement equalled 4,705,300 people, including 3,486,300 people transported by commuter trains.

Long-distance first class trains are:

  • Vologodskie Zori (Vologda - Moscow)
  • Belye Nochi (Vologda - St. Petersburg)
  • Cherepovets - Moscow

Commuter trains are:

  • Vologda - Bui (towards Yekaterinburg)
  • Vologda - Danilov (towards Moscow)
  • Vologda - Vozhega (towards Arkhangel'sk)
  • Vologda - Cherepovets (towards St. Petersburg)