Glass Industry

Glass manufacturing industry of the Vologda Oblast is represented by the following large enterprises: OOO Chagoda glass-works and Co, and OOO Severnaya glassware company.

Chagoda glass-works and Co


Established in 1931, Chagoda glass-works and Co is one of the leading producers of glassware and bottles made of brown, green and olive-green glass in the North-West of Russia. Up to 1996 the plant specialized in production of sheet glass. In 1980s its industrial output came to 12-15% of the country's accumulative total. Now the volume of output makes up over 700 mln bottles a year. A new workshop was put into operation at the Chagoda glass-works in May of 2004. The shop is supplied with up-to-date equipment and demonstrates high innovative activity.

In May 2009 one of its glass-melting furnaces was stopped for reconstruction to organize production of clear glass and bottles with a narrow and broad neck. In April 2010 the funice was launched into operation.

The plant's activities are governed by a quality and environmental management system based on ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 standards, and food safety management system ISO 22000-2007.

The company is the recipient of numerous awards for quality and design.

OOO Severnaya glassware company


The leadership of the company pursued the purchasing and manufacturing application of modern equipment, reconstruction and modernization of production facilities. A project that envisaged construction of a glass-melting furnace and new bottle production facilities was included into the oblast investment program and granted preferential policies.

Now the company produces wine, champagne, beer bottles (0,25 - 1 L), glassware for household chemical goods, chemicals and other fluids. Its products include bottles and glass containers, both standard and custom-designed ones.