Foreign Investments

Vologda is a fully diversified economy with a highly educated workforce, and can provide a market for a wide range of products. It is able to offer partnership opportunities or capabilities for cooperation in industrial and cultural sphere.

In 2013, investment from foreign investors totaled US$2 834 081 ths (compared to US $3 481 512 ths in 2012).

Investment from foreign investors (US $ ths)

In 2013 direct investments made up US $7 892 ths which is 0,3% of the total amount of foreign investments, portfolio investments - US $8000 ths, other - US $2 826 181 ths (99,7%).

The Vologda Oblast has managed to attract foreign investment by making the investment climate as business-friendly as possible. Most part of the total amount of foreign investments was channelled into fixed capital. Mainly the investments arrived to the Vologda Oblast from Luxembourg (US $1 646 073 ths), the Netherlands (US $662 366 ths), Cyprus (US $276 577 ths), Switzerland (US $211 399 ths), France (US $13 328 ths), Turkey (US $12 187 ths), the Czech Republic (US $8 265 ths), Finland (US $1 348 ths), Great Britain (US $1 125 ths), and the Bahamas (US $674 ths).

The favourable investment climate in the Vologda region is also due to its geographic position in between two of Russia's major consumption markets - Moscow and St. Petersburg - and its proximity to Europe.

The investments were mostly channelled into manufacturing activity - US $2 832 211 ths (US $2 784 063,4 ths was directed to metallurgy and production of metal goods, US $11 328,8 ths - to mineral commodities, US $36 818,8 ths – to other manufacturing industries).

Many foreign companies with a long-term presence in Russia are reporting healthy returns and stepping up investments.

Vologda businesses take an active part in international forums and exhibitions aiming to draw foreign investments into the region.

The Vologda Oblast is an active participant in events raising investment attractiveness and strengthening Russia's outside economic positioning, integrating Russian businesses into global markets and implementing innovative technologies.

Foreign investments in 2013 ($ ths)

Direct 7 892
Portfolio 8000
Other 2 826 181