International Fair and Exhibition Russian Wood

Welcome to the exhibition-fair "Russian Wood", Vologda

The fair and exhibition activity is one of the most important instruments of export development. Every year the city of Vologda becomes home to the fair and exhibition "Russian Wood".

The International Fair and Exhibition "Russian Wood" boasts an excellent international representation year after year. Foreign companies from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Yugoslavia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are involved in exhibition activities as well as hundreds of Russian enterprises.

Participation in the exhibition-fair gives the opportunities for entering the market, establishing new business contacts and promotion of company's brand among Russian customers.

The Russian Wood, an exhibition for innovation technologies to be applied in the timber industry, in production of technological equipment for forestry and manufacture of wood and wood-working articles, will be held in Vologda from December 8 through 10, 2021.

The Russian Wood is an event with a long tradition. It will take place for the 26th time in 2021.

It plays a decisive role in addressing the future development of timber industry. Experts from the world of timber industry state their positions on current issues at numerous meetings, workshops and press conferences, forums and out seminars, and they are engaged in wide-ranging discussions about problems and prospects in their own particular fields.

Among the many events that will be held at the Russian Wood an international forestry forum will be of particular interest to representatives of timber industry business, science, regional government bodies as well as Russian and foreign investors.

The scope of the exhibition-fair is impressive. Vologda hosts exhibitors from numerous Russian regions. Foreign companies also participate in exhibition activities.

All the specified urgent issues concerning Russian forestry development are reflected in the rich exposition and comprehensive business program of the exhibition-fair.

Over 70 units of logging and woodworking equipment are usually on display in its exhibition space. Russian Wood is also the setting for seminars and a number of award ceremonies. Most public attention is paid to such forestry problems as intensive and efficient use of forest potential, application of state-of-the-art logging and wood processing technologies, bioenergetics development and other acute issues.

Every year the organizers announce several conferences and out seminars on a variety of issues relating to urgent problems of timber complex development, forest regulation, personnel training, machine-tool manufacture for timber industry, to mention but a few. Conferences provide in-depth insight into wood harvesting and logging, woodworking, timber production and export.

Presentations held at the exhibition-fair Russian Wood feature a vast selection of products: round timber, sawn wood, chipboards, fibreboards, plywood, logging machines, feller-bunchers and feller-skidders. Right in line with consumer trends, the Russian Wood also includes direct sales.

The aim of the Russian Wood is to highlight the myriad applications of wood as a material, and to present the full range of technologies developed abreast with the latest developments in the forestry and timber industries.

The Russian Wood contributes to further development of wood industry and national economy and to establishing international commercial and industrial contacts. It strengthens the interest of the nations in each other's production. Numerous meetings, workshops and press conferences are arranged within the framework of the exhibition-fair.

The fair has been growing. Every run is attended by new countries and firms thanks to mass media and local government support.

Programme of International Exhibition-Fair "Russian Wood" (2021)

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Venue of the exhibition-fair - Exhibition Centre "Russky Dom"
Address: Russky Dom, 25 a, Pushkinskaya Street, 160000, Vologda, Russia
Website: https://www.roslesexpo.ru/