The Russian telecommunications sector has ambitious plans to upgrade the quality of its service that would facilitate citizens' direct communication with one another or the outside world.

The development of a world telecommunication system did not leave Russia's North behind. The Vologda Region has telecommunications with all countries of the world and is connected to the Internet system.

The Vologda Oblast receives TV and programmes of cable radio, and programmes of general broadcasting. Cellular, satellite and search telephone communication, as well as data transfer network function here.


Vologda affiliate of Rostelecom

4 Sovetsky Avenue, 160000, Vologda, Russia
Tel.: (8172) 720014, Fax: (8172) 726123
Website: vologda.rt.ru
E-mail: sz.vl.office@nw.rt.ru

PAO Rostelecom is one of the biggest national telecommunications companies in Russia and Europe, with a presence in every segment of the telecommunications services market and coverage of millions households in Russia. The company provides the following kinds of telecom and extra services: local and intrazonal communication services, access to long distance (international long distance) services of long distance operators, telegraph services, mobile radio telephony (trunking) services, data transmission network services, access to the Internet, intelligent network services, video conference services, audio conference services, digital TV broadcasting, inquiry and information services, physical lines and channels leasing.

The telecommunication companies render the following services on the territory of the Vologda Oblast:

  • telephone system - domestic and international (country code: 7);
  • cellular telephone services;
  • regular mail and post offices;
  • express mail and courier services;
  • data transfer network, e-mail and Internet services (Internet country code: .ru);
  • radio and television broadcasting.

The telephone system is undergoing significant changes in the Vologda Oblast. The companies licensed to offer communication services are improving access to digital lines, particularly in urban centers. Internet and e-mail services are also improving. The oblast has made progress toward building the telecommunications infrastructure necessary for a market economy.

The length of fiber-optic communication lines is about 12.600 km.

The Vologda Region completed its switchover of national TV channels to digital terrestrial television (DTT) in 2019.

Mail services

Vologda branch of the Federal Unitary Enterprise "Post of Russia"

4 Sovetsky Avenue, 160000, Vologda, Russia
Tel.: (8172) 786000
Website: https://www.pochta.ru/

TV and Radio Broadcasting

Oblast's Broadcasting Centre

14 Moskovskoe shosse, 160025, Vologda, Russia
Tel.: (8172) 733657, fax: (8172) 73-82-09
Website:  http://vologda.rtrs.ru/
E-mail: douvologda@rtrn.ru