Voices Festival


Vologda, an old Russian city in northwestern Russia, is home to several international events – an international exhibition-fair Russian Wood, an exhibition for innovation technologies to be applied in the timber industry, in production of technological equipment for forestry and manufacture of wood and wood-working articles and an international exhibition-fair Russian Flax, an exhibition for innovation technologies to be applied in the linen industry and manufacture of flax fibre and flaxen goods.

And now Vologda wants to take a notable place in cinematographic world with its Festival VOICES (VOlogda Independent Cinema from European Screens).

Every year the International Festival of the Young European Cinema "VOICES" takes place in Vologda.

VOICES Festival is supported by the Vologda Oblast Governor, Vologda City administration, and the RF Ministry of Culture.

For the first time in Vologda and probably for the first time in Russia outside Moscow and St. Petersburg, a film festival gathers European cinema lovers and takes an investigative look at young directors and their latest creations.

The Festival combines both competition and directors' workshops. This event is aiming to take an interested look at current European cinema, and provides a unique opportunity to discover new talents. The competition includes a selection of first and second full-length fictions by European directors. The festival also features master-classes, round-table discussions and the production of short-length films on-site by European film professionals on a predefined subject. Such round-table discussions are open to the public.

The highlight of the festival is a cinematographic practice in style based on the production of short-length films by young directors on a predefined subject.

Skilled cinematographers meet young ones, and the audience and guests of the Festival meet the European cinema. Many European professionals attend the festival as an opportunity to meet their Russian counterparts.

The Jury members include distinguished European cinematographers who decide which of the films from the competition program will be the winner.

The VOICES festival is considered to be a springboard to a successful start for young film directors. At the same time VOICES give the opportunity to the people of Vologda to take part in the festival’s activities and discover European cinema by attending daily screenings including a competition composed of European first and second full-length movies, and the out-of-competition program.

Diverse activities are open to the public such as open-air screenings, exhibitions, and free concerts – not to forget the ceremonies of Opening and Closure. Citizens of Vologda and Cherepovets, and the guests of the Festival have an opportunity to see films which are presented by their film directors, actors and producers.

The organizers of the VOICES Festival want people from all over the country to gather here to watch films and enjoy the unique atmosphere in Vologda.