Vologda Philharmonic Society

Many cities of the Vologda Oblast are notable for their musical life, but special attention should be paid first of all to Vologda and Cherepovets. Both Vologda and Cherepovets are famous for their rich musical traditions and can always offer something for music-lovers to admire. The city of Vologda, which is the home city of the famous composer Valery Gavrilin, became the centre for many musical societies.

V.Gavrilin, composer

The Vologda Philharmonic Society named after V.Gavrilin is the most favourite place of all music-lovers. Music in Vologda is popular not only with grown-ups but also with children. Thus, there is the Children Musical Theatre in Vologda, where most actors are children. It is worth mentioning that the Theatre has its own high school, where special attention is paid to music. Most graduates of this school devote their life to music. In Vologda they may enter the Vologda Musical College or the Vologda Teachers' Training University, the faculty of music.

Many years ago the city of Cherepovets was not very popular with musicians and music experts. In spite of many famous amateur musical societies Cherepovets was not regarded as a city of music. Nowadays one can speak about the so called musical boom in the city. In the 1990es the Cherepovets Philharmonic Society was founded. It unites several musical societies, such as the Cherepovets Symphony Orchestra, the Russian Folk Instruments Quartet "Gobelin", the Cherepovets Chamber Chorus "Resurrection" and the Children's Choir.

Russian North

Other famous musical societies are the Cherepovets Ensemble of Folk Musik and Dance "Russian North" and the Cherepovets Brass Band.
The ensemble "Russian North" took part in international festivals in France, Belgium, Austria, Morocco and Argentina.