Museum "Literature. Art. XX century"

A two-storeyed timbered house in Vologda has become home to an exposition devoted to Nikolai Rubtsov whose place in Russian poetry is compared with those of Alexander Blok and Sergei Yesenin.

Put together throughout years, the museum collections present the life and development of the creative work of Nikolai Rubtsov, a Vologda-born poet. Nikolai Rubtsov was a leading representative of "village" poetry. His poetry is proclaimed to be the embodiment of the Russian national character.

The exhibition unfolds chronologically and includes documents, photographs, autographs and personal belongings of the poet that provide a glimpse into the remarkable inner life of Nikolai Rubtsov.

In addition to the poet's personal belongings, the numerous landscapes of the Vologda area accompany the museum collections. The artworks are a vital part of the exhibition providing a peculiar mood to Rubtsov's lyrical poetry.

Work hours: 10 am till 6 pm

Daily, except Sundays and Mondays

Postal address: 36 Gerzen Street, Vologda