Memorial Museum of Peter I

Memorial Museum of Peter the Great is located in a one-storeyed building which stands on the Vologda River. The house is a historical and architectural monument of the late 17th century.

The exterior of the house is designed in a rather plain style. The small windows of the house are strengthened with iron bars and decorated with stone platbands. The stone cornice and iron cheque-work roofing finish the austere exterior design. Above the entrance door there is a stone plaque with the Dutch coat-of-arms and the date "1704". These signs testify to the fact that the owner of the house was Holland's official representative in Vologda.

Peter I visited Vologda on several occasions in 1692-1724 and he always stayed in this house. The house was restored and turned into a museum by the emperor's decree in 1895.

The exposition contains more than 100 items. The museum collection conjures up the atmosphere and images characteristic of Peter I's epoch. The walls are decorated with replicas of ingravings showing St.Petersburg, Vologda, Tot'ma and Veliky Ustyug in the 17th century. At the entrance visitors can see historic relics of the time: household utensils, coins, farming implements and other things. Imposing wooden wall panelling, green flannel covering, Dutch tile stoves, a candelabrum, pieces of furniture keep the memory of Russia's greatest reformer.

Now the museum is a one-room display that is divided into several sections. On display in the first section are potraits of renowned statesmen of the time and Peter I's bronze bust. In the second section one can see oil potraits of Peter the Great and Catherine I. In the glass showcase there are Peter's clothes - an everyday coat and a festive one. Other historic relics present Peter I's manifold activities and include an old map of Russia, a book about Russia published in France and books about Peter's glorious deeds.

The exhibits in the third section display Peter I's contribution into the Russian development. There are engravings showing Peter I's war victories. Other exhibits feature the emperor's activities in reforming the Russian Army - the Military Rules, cannons and cannon-balls of the time, soldiers' military outfit.

The collection of the museum is crowned with an allegoric picture depicting Peter the Great and Minerva, a goddess of the Roman mythology who was believed to patronize arts and crafts, and was also worshipped as a goddess of war and state wisdom.

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Address: 47, Sovetsky Prospect, Vologda