Lace Museum

The Vologda Oblast has a legacy of lace making that goes back centuries, but it isn't till now that the area has got a building to celebrate the tradition.

Appropriately located near the most ancient architectural ensemble - the picturesque Vologda Kremlin, the Lace Museum was opened in autumn 2010. Though the first section of the exposition was on display late in June, 2010, on the day when Vologda was founded.

The Lace Museum occupies a two-storeyed stone building situated along the embankment of the Vologda River, right in the heart of Vologda. It is an object of cultural heritage dating from the 18th century. The architects and restorers took full advantage of the existing spaces of the building, preserving its identity but also transforming it into a thoroughly contemporary space. While interventions were minimal, they were effective and the team focused on keeping up indoor climate in the interiors, controlling at the same time light levels in the permanent exhibition areas.

The mission of the Lace Museum:

  • To preserve lace and the art of lace making;
  • To exhibit lace and its historical use;
  • To offer instruction in all facets of lace making.

The museum hosts several expositions in nearly 1,500 sq m of exhibition space. The exhibition extends over two levels and covers all ages of lace-making from the early 17th century - showcasing gorgeous and rare hand-made designs, to later industrial production and through to contemporary lace presented in haute couture.

Inspired by the properties of lace, the organizers of the museum are keen to combine fashion, technology and traditional handicraft together under one roof creating a comprehensive and inspiring journey into the fascinating fabric.

The museum unfolds chronologically and houses five extensive expositions:

  • Lace making in the 17th and 19th centuries;
  • Lace in peasants' clothes, ethnographical textile;
  • Lace making in the 1920-1940s;
  • Original centres of lace making in Europe and Russia;
  • Lace works of the Snezhinka lace firm.

Put together throughout several years, the museum features needle and bobbin lace from the 17th century onward, of Spanish, French, German, Polish and Slovak origin, costumes and accessories of the same eras, photos and other materials covering the history of lace. The Lace Museum also provides on-going lace making classes with experienced instructors.

Contact information

Postal address: 12, Kremlin Square, Vologda, Russia

Work hours: 10 am - 6 pm

Daily, except Mondays, Tuesdays

Phone: (8172) 72-16-56.