Exposition centre "Vologda on a boundary of centuries"

An exposition centre "Vologda on a boundary of centuries" is situated in two wooden houses that used to belong to a local merchant Alexander Samarin. They are a manor, a shop and a tenement house that date back to the late 19th - early 20th centuries.

The tenement house was turned into a memorial flat of Maria Ulyanova, a sister of Vladimir Lenin who was banished to Vologda in 1912 and lived in exile here for two years.

Now the museum offers the following excursions: "Traditions of a Russian feast", "Vologda on a boundary of centuries", "An old school", "Photo salon" and "A flat of a merchant Alexander Samarin".

One of the three buildings that used to be a shop now houses a school for painting on wood, embroidery and wicker-work. It is also a venue for expositions and seminars pertaining to revival of traditional crafts.

It is planed to arrange a museum of music culture devoted to the distinguished Russian composer Valery Gavrilin who was born in Vologda.

Postal address:

16, Sovetsky Prospect, Vologda, Russia

16 a, Sovetsky Prospect, Vologda, Russia

Phone: (8172) 72-43-11.