Batyushkov Memorial Flat

In the heart of Vologda there is a house where Konstantin Batyushkov, the famous Russian poet, lived from 1833 to 1855. The inscription on a commemorative marble plaque on its round corner reads: "Konstantin Nikolayevich Batyushkov lived and passed away in this house on July 7, 1855."

The interior in the Batyushkov Memorial Flat was restored thanks to the poet's contemporaries. The room looks the same as it was decribed in the reminicences. Two potraits of Batyushkov (one painted by an anonimous artist, another by O.Kiprensky) attract the visitor's attention.

Konstantin Batyushkov was fond of drawing. One can see some of his drawings on the walls of the room. The plot of his drawings was one and the same - horses, the moon, a fir-tree and a cross, sometimes a church. Besides he also drew flowers and birds.

The list of books Batyushkov was interested in was impressive. Here are some of them by Montel, Volter, Goethe, ancient poets and philosophers.

Among the exhibits at the memorial flat is a Symbolic Window through which we can see a peculiar poet's corner which embodies the world of the poet's dreams and inspirations.

The classical interior, twinkling light, various articles, the shadow of the muse seem to be unreal and fantastic. But that is what K.Batyushkov poetry was like.

The only modern piece of furniture here is a grand-piano. It has become customary to organize concerts of chamber music in the sitting-room of the Memorial Flat.

Many tourist flock to the ancient city of Vologda. They visit Batyushkov's memorial places because they revere Konstantin Batyushkov's memory.

Now the Batyushkov Memorial Flat is closed to the public for structural restoration.