Museum of Vereshchagin

The museum is located in a 2-storeyed building that belonged to the Vereshchagin family. The museum's exhibits tell the life story of this extraordinary family that made a tangible contribution to the glory of Russia. The well-known Russian painter Vasily Vereshchagin (1842-1904) was born in this house.

Vasily is best known for his military pictures, which portrayed war in all its horror and brutality. He is known also for his studies of Turkestan and Asian life and the canvases dealing with Anglo-Indian history. His pictures were displayed in the biggest cities of Russia and abroad (London, Paris, Berlin, New York and others). Most of his works are collected in the Tretyakov Picture Gallery, Moscow and the State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg.

Vasily's brother , Nikolai Vereshchagin (1839-1907), the then most influential Russian dairy expert, is considered to be the founder of modern Russian dairy farming.

After the revolution the mansion of the Vereshchagin family was nationalized and turned into communal apartments. Several decades on, in 1984 the first exposition of the museum was arranged.

The museum of the Vereshchagin family is open, including a lord's house and servicing buildings - a coach shed, a bath-house, an arbour, a well and etc. A park and a garden with trees and medicinal herbs are also open.

In the museum one can see personal possessions of the Vereshchagins, including photographs, documents and books from the family library with various inscriptions, as well as the brothers' studies and drawings.

In 1990 a military history club was opened in the Vereshchagin Museum. Its members study the history of the 13th Belozersk regiment reconstructing the episodes of battles of the Patriotic War of 1812.

Every year, on October 25 and 26, Nikolai and Vasily Vereshchagin's birthdays, national scholarly conferences, art competitions, workshops and seminars take place in memory of the family.

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