Museum of nature

The museum of nature was opened in 1920. But first collections of natural history, ethnographic and numismatic objects were displayed over 100 years ago. These were collections of insects by Yu.Tsekhanovich and A.Belizin (1900-1910), herbariums by N.Podvysotsky and A.Korovin, and minerals by Ya.Bogachyov.

Today the museum possesses wonderful collections of entomology, paleontology, geology; collections of minerals, rocks, herbariums of outstanding research value (30,000 exhibits all in all). Thanks to annual specialized expeditions, the museum's collections are being constantly replenished.

The museum of nature also houses a collection of stuffed mammals and birds - bears, four bear cubs, a moose, a fox, a lynx, wolves, eagles, sea eagles, cranes and herons.

The museum is suitable for all ages from adults down to children.

Postal address:

32, Prospect Lunacharskogo, Cherepovets, Russia

Phone: (8202) 55-52-64.