Museum of history and local lore

Founded on March 31st, 1896, the museum of history and local lore tells the story of the development of the region, paying particular attention to people's way of life in the preceding generations.

The museum is located in the building especially built for these purposes in 1928. The museum exposition represents the history of the city development from ancient times till nowadays. Arms and equipment of the 18th-20th century, female dresses and peasants' sarafans, an anti-aircraft cannon and aviation bomb of the times of World War II, a model of the first blast-furnace, a cell of the monk of the Cherepovets Resurrection monastery, interiors of the dwelling houses of 1930-1950s are on display.

The museum aims to do their best to preserve the heritage of the past, and give to our contemporaries and descendants the possibility to learn more about their historical roots.

The museum provides master classes with experienced instructors in handicrafts, ceramics, silk painting and patch-work.

Contact information

Postal address: 41, Lunacharsky Prospect, Cherepovets, Russia

Phone: (8202) 55-33-55, 55-18-21