Museum of history and ethnography "Manor of the Galskoys"

In 1989 a unique monument of history, culture and architecture of the early 19th century, the country estate of the Novgorod aristocratic family the Galskys, became a part of the Cherepovets museum association.

It is the only estate on the territory of the Cherepovets region where all the system of outdoor and economic constructions is preserved in the city surroundings.

The museum is devoted to the everyday life of the Galsky family, the Russian landowners of the 19th century.

The garden and park were returned to their original form. As well as the landowner's manor, the manager's house and the gardener's hut, the museum also includes other buildings - the servants' courtyard house, peasants' huts, two barns, a butter mill, workshops where blinkers and carriages were made and the stables.

The stables have returned to their original use, and the territory of the museum-manor includes a riding school for children and adults. The museum's visitors can ride on horse-back or sledge in winter time and admire the picturesque landscapes.

Contact information

Postal address: 28, Maturinskaya Street, Cherepovets, Russia

Web site: usadba35.ru