Museum of archeology

Founded on February 15, 1989, the Museum of archaeology is a unique Cherepovets museum devoted to the study, display and interpretation of the human occupation of Russia's North-West over the past 10,000 years.

The collections of the Museum of archaeology number more than 2,000 artifacts of outstanding research and historical value available for the public. The exhibits of the museum tell the history of Cherepovets. It introduces visitors to the history of archeological investigation of the area, its basic archeological monuments, unique exhibits brought to the museum fond as a result of archeological excavation works.

In addition there are also field photographs and negatives and objects of historical documentary archives.

The museum holds material from many famous sites, for example the 14th-19th century material from the colonies and burial grouds situated near the rivers of Suda, Sheksna, Andoga, Sogozha, and Beloye Lake. The British material includes especially important Mesolithic Age collections.

Address: 1b, Krasnaya Street, Cherepovets, Russia

Phone: (8202) 24-38-08.